Raw Local Honey

Honey in the beehive is normally at 90 – 100 degrees Fahrenheit. We bottle our honey at this same temperature after straining it through our honey screens. Many beekeepers bottle at 130 – 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The quality at this temperature is still good, but any heating of the honey causes you to lose some of its quality.

There is nothing wrong with processed honey, but the taste of pure, unfiltered honey bought from a local beekeeper will surprise you with its quality and freshness.

(If honey crystallizes, just put the jar in a pan of warm water. This will cause the honey to liquify again.)




We don’t filter or pasteurize our honey. This is because honey does not need to be pasteurized. There is no need to worry about E coli bacteria because honey is very acidic, which does not stimulate bacterial growth. 

Honey is also “hygroscopic”, which means it will absorb moisture. Honey will absorb the moisture from any bacteria that it contacts, which doesn’t allow the bacteria to survive.

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